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Dreamland ? This is England

Thirty minutes in Margate. Just me and my iPhone in between trains. A quintessentially English seaside town. Fish & chips. Amusement arcades. Boarded up shop fronts. Closed down decaying funfair. Rising poverty and… Continue reading

Guilty Yet Somehow Not

On 1st April 2009, during the G20 demonstrations held in the City of London, Ian Tomlinson died after being assaulted and pushed violently to the ground by a police officer. At an inquest… Continue reading

Some Letters From Burma In Japan

A good week… one of my portraits of the Lady and the mischievous Taichitoe made the cover of the latest updated Japanese version of ‘Letters from Burma’ by Mainichi Shinbun. The book is… Continue reading

Wedding Bells

A slight change of track but we can’t keep ourselves from sharing the news any longer – Jackie and I getting married. We’ll post some suitable wedding photos once we’re done but in… Continue reading

And The Revolution Goes On

After the euphoria of the release of political prisoners and the chance to spend time with the 88 Generation Students throughout the week in the build up to their press conference last Saturday… Continue reading

A New Year. A New Start. A New Hope?

A start to the New Year that so many could only have dreamed of. To be there to witness it all unfold was more than I could ever have wished for. Maybe it… Continue reading

Abhaya Burma’s Fearlessness – Bangkok Exhibition

Last week saw the opening of the exhibition and also the official book launch, held at the beautiful Serindia Gallery in Bangkok in association with River Books and the Canadian Embassy. Unfortunately we… Continue reading

Lady Liberty

They say things come in threes. Today must be one of those days as ‘Lady Liberty’ kicks off the day with a front cover of the Bangkok Post’s ‘The Magazine’ with an accompanying… Continue reading

Philip Jones Griffiths. An Inspiration.

An inspiration to many, Philip Jones Griffiths was one of the most highly regarded photojournalists in the world. “Not since Goya has anyone portrayed war like Philip Jones Griffiths” said Henri Cartier Bresson of the man who… Continue reading

Power Through A Lens – Interview with DVB

With rumours of the latest prisoner amnesty circulating like wildfire once more and the book getting its first airing in public (full details and photos to follow very soon I hope!) here’s a… Continue reading