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A New Year. A New Start. A New Hope?

A start to the New Year that so many could only have dreamed of. To be there to witness it all unfold was more than I could ever have wished for. Maybe it… Continue reading

Portrait of ‘The Lady’. A Film, But Who For?

One year on from her release from house arrest and The Lady once more appears across the pages of VOGUE magazine with her own indomitable style and grace. At the start of the… Continue reading

Burma’s Political Prisoners book: ‘Abhaya – Burma’s Fearlessness’ with foreword by Aung San Suu Kyi

After 3 long years of  hard work and over 100,000 miles travelled, finally the book of our long term project documenting Burma’s political prisoners will be published in November 2011 by River Books.… Continue reading

Military, Democracy and Tea with the ‘People’s’ Veteran Dissident

A four hour delay at an airport with not a plane in sight might be hard to comprehend anywhere else in the world other than here. Last time I caught a flight a… Continue reading

Watching the Watchers Where Intelligence Brings Fear

Downtown Rangoon and the taxi shudders to a halt. The streets are the same as last time and each time before that. Very little changes in this crumbling yet beautiful city or for… Continue reading